Why should you whiten your teeth with us instead of the dentist?

There are many good reasons to whiten your teeth at the dentist. Say you’ve got pockets full of money and you love spending it. That would be a great reason. Or, maybe you love that fresh dentist office smell, the sounds of drilling, and a nice long wait. Nothing beats hanging out in a dentist waiting room! Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against dentists. Dental health is incredibly important and you should regularly visit the dentist to maintain that health. But, teeth whitening has nothing to do with your health. You whiten your teeth for one reason, and one reason only. To shine bright like a diamond. Who on this earth helps you look your best better than your stylist?

Store bought teeth whitening products do work. However…

Some work better than others, but stating they don’t work would be a lie. However, there are downfalls to using these products. Almost all store bought whitening products use carbamide peroxide whitening solution. How do we know this? Because the good stuff that we use, and that dentists use, requires refrigeration and last I checked, there isn’t an ice box in the toothpaste aisle!

Carbamide peroxide breaks down into the good stuff, hydrogen peroxide, which is used to effectively whiten your teeth. But, 10% strength carbamide peroxide breaks down into only 3% hydrogen peroxide, and therein lies the problem. Carbamide peroxide releases about 50% of its whitening power in the first two hours and can remain active for up to six additional hours. Honestly, who has time for that?! So now you’ve spent hours a month attempting to whiten your teeth with a product delivering a mere 3% of the good stuff, when you can get 4 shades whiter in just 15 minutes?

So why whiten with us?

Well, you’re here sitting in this chair reading this, which means you trust the person who is cutting your hair. Your stylist would never steer you wrong because if they did, you wouldn’t be here in the first place! Again, you are already here, and you will be back because that luscious head of hair of yours will need maintenance. It’s easy to see that the convenience factor is there.

This brings us to the best and final reason you should whiten with us, cost. Whitening your teeth shouldn’t cost the same as the monthly payment on your BMW. $500 for whitening is absurd no matter how much money you have. Trust, convenience, and cost. What are you waiting for?