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Four years ago, Jenny and April met and had an immediate connection through their love of beauty and a passion for creating confidence for women. They shaped this bond into a future in the beauty world by attending school together and then opening a beauty lounge that not only provided services to women in their local area but that also cultivated a professional haven for other like minded badass babes in the beauty industry. Jenny and April are devoted to mentoring novice women in their field by helping them thrive in their business start up. They provide services such as Lash Mentorship Programs, Lash Training (Classic Beginner and Refresher Courses), Lash Artist start up initiatives and studio space for any business owner in the Beauty Industry.

Mission Statement: The Beauté Standard is dedicated to providing professional service to our students and colleagues. We are committed to supporting each student as they begin their lash journey all the way to the highest level of success they wish to achieve. The Beauté Standard strives to uplift other beauty professionals by creating an environment that is fun, success driven and future focused.

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